Havana songs are for the whole year

It has always been thought that Havana was a typical type of summer and party genre, both unfortunately wrong topics.

Fruits and vegetables can be seasonal, but this phenomenon does not happen with music.

The spaces where you want to organize these events can be conditioned by the weather. So, if we want to hold an open-air concert we will choose, as is logical, a time of warmer weather; and when the weather becomes cool, we will choose a closed space to protect ourselves from the cold. Therefore, just as jazz concerts are held in the gardens of Caproig (Calella de Palafrugell), Havana concerts can also be made to the auditorium or to the Palau de la Música.

The song of Havana has always been associated with “cremat” and the beach… Certainly there may be a relationship but it is not the only one. See if we are masochists that in summer with the heat and humidity, we have one or two glasses of “cremat” that still gives us more heat … It might be worth making us look at it since this drink is more suitable for winter. Then we could do concerts even in La Molina! Jokes aside, Havana songs can be interpreted by both in San Juan festivity and in Christmas time, you just have to work a little to change our mentality and have a more open heart.

Martí Batalla and Busquests. Article for El Racó de l’Havanera.

When you hear one, you hear them all

Why is this comment made? It is clear: due to the lack of resources in terms of rhythmic and harmonic variation.

Without going any further, the sardana, for example, has made a very considerable progression in terms of its harmonies since, at present, in some of them appear dissonant chords, which twenty years ago was an unlikely phenomenon.

Unfortunately, there are Havana singers who lack knowledge of musical language (also called solfeo), but there are others who, although they have it, lack imagination. Consequently, the interpretation becomes monotonous and causes the public to get bored, disperse and lose interest in this musical genre as valid as any other.

The guitar and accordion have been the base instruments but, why not include other instruments? If you feel the Els Cremats group, they have incorporated the transverse flute and percussion. In this way it has been possible to merge Havana with other brother styles, the rumba and the chachachá.

It is necessary to look for new horizons to get closer to our audience.

Havana group Aigua Dolça.

Lluís Vilà i Doñate and Martí Batalla i Busquets. Article for “El Racó de l’Havanera”.

Beyond Calella

It is already assumed that in Calella de Palafrugell at the beginning of July the Great Havaneras Song is performed.

What a joy is that so many boats do not stop whistling while the singers strive, the public that does not shut up, yes: at the time of El Meu Avi … everyone to sing! If you haven’t heard El Meu Avi and Bella Lola … it seems they haven’t felt any Havana.

On the other hand, I also claim that there are not only groups of habaneras in Calella, since they are found throughout our country. Well, in this “wonderful Habaneristic Festival” only Empordà groups sing and invite one from outside (so that it is not said that only those from Calella and counties can participate).

I also want to state that there are other Havana recitals and there is practically no means of communication that echo, except for some local and regional stations that will speak. I put as examples the Habaneras Festival Barcelona facing the Sea, El Masnou and Manresa. I am sure that I leave more, but I put it by way of example and it is a pity that these sites go unnoticed because they have a quality as valid as the “Great Festival of Calella”. About the media, we’ll talk another time.

Finally, I want to add in this article that this Havana act of Calella has been greatly distorted since it has been mediated too much and the Havana has remained in the background. And I think that instead of promoting these great figures, we must give rise to other groups in Catalonia that can be made known. If so, it would be a great opportunity for them.

Havana songs must have a place everywhere and will make themselves felt at sea, or in the mountains, the smallest town, or in the largest city.

Martí Batalla and Busquets.

Barcelona, ​​April 27, 2017.

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